We swear by gastronomy

Everything you see on the menu is carefully selected according to our gastronomical principles. As our guest, all you have to do is take your seat at the table and experience how the food, the wine and the atmosphere make you happy and at ease. 

Our kitchen builds on two simple principles: Only true masters of the craft can conjure up superb flavor in the kitchen – and they can only do so with the finest ingredients. We work closely with the most dedicated suppliers to ensure the best ingredients find their way to your palate. 


Christoffer Brink, Head Chef

As Christoffer heads the kitchen, it becomes a hotbed for solid gastronomic craftmanship, insisting on carefully selected high-quality ingredients. After years of dedication and culinary refinement, Christoffer is capable of serving flavorful meals without any compromises. 

"I want to give Sans Souci's guests an authentic gastronomic experience in informal settings. There should be no doubt that when you sit down at our tables, you will be served delicious food." 

Christoffer's culinary education has taken him far and wide, from places like Geranium and Gemyse to Restaurant Frank and Alberto K. In 2013, he was part of the chef team that won a silver medal at the Bocuse d’Or, and in recent years, he has traveled around France to deeply immerse himself in the country's ingredients.


At Sans Souci, we love wine and are tirelessly searching for excellent, well-crafted vintages. Our favorites typically come from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and the United States. We strive to offer good wine at reasonable prices – and a rare, exclusive selection for wine connoisseurs. We will soon be opening a wine cellar with room for 20 guests, where we will arrange wine tastings and private dining events. Please feel free to ask our expert waiters for their suggested wine pairings for your chosen dishes.