Sans Souci is a place, a cuisine and a principle. Our dishes are rooted in a strong conviction that food better taste damn good and a proper glass of wine never hurts. At Sans Souci, we have one life to live – and it should be joyously carefree when we eat, drink and talk together. 

About Sans Souci

Carefree for 120 years

No one goes through life without sorrows, but we can make an effort by creating moments and atmospheres where our worries fall to the wayside. Since its founding in 1902, Sans Souci has consistently delivered these very moments – and it is widely regarded as a defining element of Frederiksberg’s soul. The jovial and easy-going side of the city’s soul, of course.

Sans Souci has always been synonymous with the inquisitive, lively, sensual and carefree – and it is the embodiment of what we all long for. No one can be satiated or inebriated by the digital. We cannot sense the flesh and blood of our family and friends when we only see each other on social media. It is in the present moment and the analogue that we can savor our food, wine, friendships and conversations.

Welcome to Sans Souci


We swear by gastronomy

Everything you see on the menu is carefully selected according to our gastronomical principles. As our guest, all you have to do is take your seat at the table and experience how the food, the wine and the atmosphere make you happy and at ease. 

Our kitchen builds on two simple principles: Only true masters of the craft can conjure up superb flavor in the kitchen – and they can only do so with the finest ingredients. We work closely with the most dedicated suppliers to ensure the best ingredients find their way to your palate. 


Oliver Hass Lerche, Head Chef

With Oliver Hass Lerche at the helm, our kitchen is a place that cultivates familiar and beloved traditions from the French bistros, while serving the best of Danish lunch cuisine – all with respect for high-quality local ingredients. 

“We’re pretty straight shooters here. Sans Souci is the place where you just drop by for a proper meal and a good glass of wine, or where you meet with a group of friends or business associates. I want to run a kitchen where people can be absolutely certain that they’re going to get a delicious, well-prepared meal in a class of its own.” 

Oliver Hass Lerche trained as a chef in France, and that’s where his gastronomic heart still resides. He started out at Auberge de Vermont in Lille and later worked in the kitchens of Bloempot and Bierbuik. For the past two years, Oliver has served as assistant head chef at Dragsholm Slot, where he further developed his deep respect for local ingredients.

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